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Talitha Cumi Urban Etiquette



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Statement of Faith
Talitha Cumi (Hebrew for Damsel Arise) offers faith-based Courses, whose teachings are based on the Word of God.  We believe in Jesus Christ and in living a life according to God’s Word and principals.  Classes include Word based teachings with a mix of practical life-skills lessons.  We envision our young ldies as modern day Esther's saving IMpacting their generation by boldly and beautifully walking in the knowledge they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

The mission of the Flawless Girlz Pre-Deb/Debutante & Scholarship Program(s) is to impact the lives of girls and teens 7-19 years old through spiritual, personal, and social development thereby guiding them to the purpose for which they were designed. The Course equips young ladies with basic social graces which include basic charm and etiquette skills through personal, social, and spiritual development exercises and activities. 


* Empower young ladies with a strong foundation of the Word of God by teaching them
   to apply biblical principles to daily living.
 *Assist young ladies in developing a God-given self-image.
 *Learn social graces related to charm and etiquette.
* Recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships.
* Be encouraged to maintain their health.
* Recognize the part they play in their church, family, and community.
* Develop their individual sense of style. 


Development Area 1: Spiritual Development

Week 1: Welcome Young Ladies
This session is an introductory class and time will be used to introduce participants to one
another, the instructors, and the Course. 

Week 2:I’m a Young Lady
This session is designed to help Young Ladies discover their God given self-worth, they will be taught on femininity and God’s ordained plan for woman. Young Ladies will also learn to balance pride and self-worth. 

Week 3:A Young Lady’s Destiny
This session is designed to teach young women the purpose for which they were created by God, and help them discover the future that God has for them, barriers to reaching their destiny are also discussed.

Week 4:A Young Lady’s Attitude 
Debutante Candidates will learn to recognize the difference between good and bad 
attitudes as well as tools to controlling their emotions. 

Week 5:A Young Lady’s Purity
Young Ladies will learn about God’s ordained plan for their bodies and the importance of being pure before God.  At-risk behavior leading to early and inappropriate behavior will also be discussed.

Development Area 2: Personal Development

Week 6:A Young Lady’s Character
Young Ladies will learn the importance of character and integrity and discover ways they are tested to comprise what they believe and how to maintain their integrity during times of pressure. 

 Week 7: A Young Lady’s Social Graces (Part i)
Young Ladies will be introduced to social graces during this session. Social graces include: standing, walking, sitting, appropriate church etiquette and preparing a formal dinner setting.

Week 8:A Young Lady’s Decisions 
This session will help Young Ladies discover the steps they take to making decisions, explore decision making styles and finally tools to making God-led decisions.

Week 9:A Young Lady’s Speech
This session will teach Young Ladies to speak publicly. Proper posture, voice inflection etc. will be discussed during this session. 

Week 10:A Young Lady’s Health
This class will teach Young Ladies the importance of mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

Development Area 3: Social Development

Week 11: A Young Lady’s Friends
This session teaches Young Ladies to develop Godly relationships with males and females.

 Week 12: A Young Lady’s Community
This session teaches Young Ladies the importance of community and they will participate in a
community service activity.

Week 13: A Young Lady’s Finances
This session instructs Young Ladies about their money and how they can best honor God
through their giving and spending. Stewardship will be discussed and basic financial terms

Week 14: A Young Lady’s Gifts
This session will lead Young Ladies on a search for their gifts, they will learn that each Young
Lady has a gift and ways to discover their gifts.

Week 15:A Young Lady’s Social Graces (Part ii)
This session will continue instruction on charm and etiquette and Young Ladies will prepare for
their graduation ceremony.

Week 16:A Young Lady’s Junior Debutante Graduation
At the end of 16 weeks our Young Ladies will participate in a graduation ceremony planned by LadyPamela, our Facilitators, and our Debs.