Talitha Cumi Urban Etiquette

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Prom Etiquette 101is a workshop designed to assist teens  (male & female) in creating a memorable prom experience by providing practical tools and tips.  

Workshop Purpose: To empower youth with key prom-planning steps as well as expose them to proper etiquette and protocol during prom.

Workshop Topics:
Prom Prep Checklist
Prom Wardrobe Selection (When should you start shopping, what type of dress is best for your body, etc)
Body Types
Tuxedo Selection (Proper fit)
Prom Night Must Have's 
Prom Date Etiquette
Prom Night Date Etiquette
Prom Do's & Don'ts
Prom Picture Perfect
Safety Prom Tips
Selecting Limos

Money Saving Tips

​​Session Titles:
A Young Lady's Spiritual Journey
A Young Lady's Self-Image
A Young Lady's Destiny
A Young Lady's Poise and Grace
A Young Lady's Decor
A Young Lady's Dining Etiquette
A Lady's Relationship's
A Lady's Finances 
A Lady's Purity
A Lady's Business Etiquette
A Lady's Health
A Lady's Community
A Lady's Public Speaking
A Lady's Attitude
A Lady's Graduation.

​​Program: Leading Ladies in Training: Ladies, Lipstick & Dreams 
 Ages:      13-19 years old 
Our Leading Ladies in Training  are introduced to basic charm and etiquette practices, social graces and practical life application. Our attendees will benefit from the course in specific ways-at school, with friends, and at home - by developing a greater sense of spiritual growth, personal control, confidence, adaptive coping behaviors, supportive communication skills, and improved interpersonal relationship skills.

Program: Debutante Course

Leading Lady: Young Women's Leadership Course
is a 16-week Bible-based curriculum designed to empower women 19 years old and up through spiritual, social and personal development.  
Course Curriculum includes 16 comprehensive sessions which encourage young women to effectively walk into their leadership roles in their homes, churches and communities.

Course Outline:
A Lady's Spiritual Journey
A Lady's Self-Image
A Lady's Destiny
A Lady's Poise and Grace
A Lady's Skills for Daily Living
A Lady's Finances
A Lady's Relationships
Background Scripture Reading
​and much more

Program: Little Ladies Lollipops & Lace  Pre-Debutante Course 
Ages: 7-12 years old 
We believe leaders can be developed at a young age.  Our Little Ladies with Lace Workshops help to build strong, confident, respectful and well-rounded little ladies. The program presents a healthy balance between pride and self-worth and teaches the Little Ladies to value themselves and recognize positive and negative messages they receive regarding their self-worth. Our Little Ladies learn age appropriate social graces, poise and the etiquette required to open doors and take her to the next level.  Above all, each little lady learns that she is destined for greatness in all that she does.

Course Description: Full interactive ten week program. Our little ladies will discover their value, obtain real life etiquette skills and practical life application.  

Session Titles: 
I'm a Little Lady
A Little Lady's Attitude
A Little Lady's Social Graces
A Little Lady's Health
A Little Lady's Speech
A Little Lady's Friends
A Little Lady's Community
A Little Lady's Etiquette
​Mother/Daughter: Can We Talk
A Little Lady's Graduation