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815 Allerton Ave., BX, NY 10467

Transforming girls into Ladies & Leaders

August, 2016 Flawless Girl Summer Program

Talitha Cumi Urban Etiquette Academy
LadyPamela Damon, Founder| Director

Rising up a generation of  Ladies & Leaders


Little Ladies:Lollipops & Lace  August, 2016

Workshops will include:

Self-Esteem (I am valuable)

Individual Style

Health & Beauty

Etiquette (Dining & Social)

Making Friends & Healthy Relationships

Poise & Posture

​Transforming little girls into little ladies. 

2-Exciting Groups:

                Little Ladies: Lollipops & Lace Ages: 7-12

      Leading Ladies in Training: Lipstick & Dreams Ages: 13-17

​​​Leading Ladies in Training: Lipstick & Dreams  August, 2016

Preparing for life special occasions: 

Quinceanera, Sweet Sixteen, Prom, Graduation, First job interviews, College.  

Workshops will include:

Poise & Posture (Working your heels)

Personal Branding Looking in the Mirror (Creating your personal image)

Make-up application & Skin Care

Dinning Etiquette

Social & Life Skills (Appropriate behavior, Conflict Resolution, Bullying &  Friendship)

​Self-Esteem & Self Respect

Job Preparedness

Interviewing Skills

Community Service Information

Allow us to give you the skills needed to create a Flawless Image from the inside out.

​​​Flawless Girlzmodern day Finishing School unlocks the secrets to developing a young woman and offers girls  an opportunity to thrive in all types of cultural and social environments.

Our girls will gain skills in the areas of personal style, posture, poise, etiquette, social, self-esteem and development.
Let’s start preparing our daughters, sisters, nieces & friends  for a successful future.  Help them to stand  out among their peers..

Our Mission: To rise up a new generation of Leading Ladies -----LEADERS in our schools, our communities, our workplaces.

What will young ladies do?
Finishing School Day Camp activities begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 3:00 p.m.  

Extended day hours are available.

Attendees will be treated to a day of elegance and beauty filled with comprehensive workshops, guest speakers and classroom exercises and activities.


A Young Lady's Personal Brand - developing personal image

Creating a Flawless Face - skin care (appropriate make up age specific)

Poise & Grace - modeling 101 (entering a room, correct way to sit,  walking in heels, etc.)

Dining Etiquette - basic etiquette skills

Self-Esteem - understanding her worth

Art of Communication - proper responses, conflict resolutions, introductions, written communication

Leadership -  public speaking, interview skills, mentoring opportunities

Decor and Design - basic decorating skills to enhance her personal space


Elegant Tea Party Luncheon

Flawless Girlz Finishing Ceremony

How old do I have to be?
Girls (7- 12 years old) and Teens (13 - 17 years old) are able to participate.  

Will there be a Parent Orientation Meeting (Meet & Greet Session)?

Yes,  at The Sanz Banquet Hall 815 Allerton Ave., Bronx NY 10467.
Please call to reserve space for you and your Leading Lady in Training.

How do I register?
To participate in the Flawless Girlz Day Camp, you must complete an application and submit your initial non-refundable deposit of $50.00. 
You may register online at

www.TalithaCumiAcademy.org or 

Email:  LadyPamela Damon Camp Director:  LadyPamela@TalithaCumiAcademy.org, call 718-530-8935 

Limited space (50 is the maximum):  REGISTER EARLY
Once we have reached the maximum number of girls for each selected city, we will no longer accept applications or registrations.  Register Early 

How much does it cost?
$215.00 for the 5-day camp.  Payment plans are available. 

What do I have to wear?

White blouse, black skirt or walking shorts and black shoes or dress sandals.

Will food be provided?

Yes.  Young ladies will receive two meals during each session day, which includes continental breakfast  and lunch.  Snacks will be provided.

Where will the camp be held?
The "Flawless Girlz"  Finishing School Day Camp will be held at:
The Sanz Banquet Hall
815 Allerton Ave.
Bronx, NY 10467

Who is the Camp Director:

The "Flawless Girlz" Finishing School Camp  is run by LadyPamela Damon, Certified Etiquette Instructor with over 15 years of experience working with urban youth.  LadyPamela is Certified by the National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals, which has impacted more than 100,000 urban youth.  She is also the Manager of The Sanz Banquet Hall of the Bronx.  Her passion is to awaken the unique beauty and gifts which each of our Leading Ladies in Training possess.

​​​​​​The Flawless Girlz Finishing Summer Day Camp is a five-day, fast-paced camp designed to expose girls to crucial social graces training, professional development and team building principles.  Attendees will polish their presence, learn to communicate more effectively and build their confidence for all social situations.

Give your girls a summer experience which will enhance their lives.

Our attendees will be introduced to modern etiquette, mentoring, social skills and self-esteem development.

The week will consist of hands on workshops, guest speakers, interactive projects,  group discussions and a special elegant tea closing ceremony. 

Join Talitha Cumi Academy for 5-days of Elegance, Beauty, Education and  Fun.