Talitha Cumi Urban Etiquette



815 Allerton Ave., BX, NY 10467

Transforming girls into Ladies & Leaders


Please complete an Information form to receive further information for our 2016-2017 Debutante Program.  

2016 Debutante programs will  begin September 2016.  

Attend our orientation/informational meeting: August 2016, where we will provide specific information on the 2016 Debutante Ball, scholarship, fund raising opportunities and the exciting activities in store for the lucky young ladies selected to participate.

 We provide a full range of debutante, etiquette and leadership programs designed to empower our youth with the tools  needed to effectively lead and excel in their schools, homes, churches and communities. 

Orientation: TBD

Academy Site: 815 Allerton Ave., Bx NY 10467

For years young ladies of upper crust societies has had the distinct privilege and honor to attend finishing/charm school, thus preparing them for a successful future and presentation to their communities.

Talitha Cumi Urban Etiquette Academy has opened this closed door society to our beautiful gifted urban young ladies.  Talitha Cumi Debutante program is geared towards helping young ladies reach their fullest potential.

*Earn Financial Scholarships

*Win Prizes

*8-16 Week Program

*Leadership Training

*Community Service


*Health & Beauty Tips

*Early Financial Management 

*Developing Positive      


*Etiquette (School, Social,


*Cultural Outings 


*Elegant Debutante Ball

Debutante Program