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LadyPamela Damon, Founder, Director

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About our Founder

                LadyPamela Damon,  is the Founder and
Director) of Talitha Cumi Urban Etiquette & Leadership Academy.  With a background in marketing, wedding planning, program management, etiquette training, customer relations and corporate planning, LadyPamela has had the unique opportunity to serve others.

            For over 15 years, she has answered the call to train, guide and restore God’s daughters.  She has devoted her life to IMpacting our next generation of leading ladies.  Through spiritual guidance, conducting hands–on leadership and etiquette workshops, hundreds of young ladies lives were transformed.  Some of her past members are now Teachers, Nurses, Professors, Models, Beauty Advisors, Physical Trainers, several are studying abroad and dozens are enrolled in various colleges throughout the United States.    

          2015 the words "Talitha Cumi" was placed in her spirit.   Talitha Cumi in Hebrew means Damsel Arise.  A light burst forth and Talitha Cumi Urban Etiquette & Leadership Academy was birth.  The academy is designed to empower and impact our youth.  Providing them with the necessary skills, tools, and confidence needed to become leaders.   Breathing life and rising up sleeping leaders has become LadyPamela’s passion.  She sees beyond the outer appearance of our youth and looks to the inner potential they all possess.

             Talitha Cumi Urban Etiquette & Leadership Academy is a pioneer resource for our youth.  The academy provides real world social and business etiquette training, career & life skills development, image consulting and a multitude of other resources to youth who would not ordinarily take part in this type of training.  We have coined the term Etiquette with S.W.A.G. G. “Sophisticated, Wise, Accomplished, Graceful Girlz".  Our programs are interactive, fun, educational and REAL.  Talitha Cumi Academy has brought etiquette back into style.  We have a large collection of programs designed for all ages and stages ranging from Pre-Debutante Training for young girls starting as young as 7 years old to our Young Women in Leadership Course for women 20-35 years old.  

             LadyPamela is a proud member and North Eastern Regional Director of the National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals.  NAUEP founded by Lady Trenette Wilson (UrbanGirlz.org), is a faith based association designed to improve the quality of life for our youth by empowering them with crucial business, social and professional skills.  NAUEP has impacted over 10,000 youth worldwide with their large collection of youth focused etiquette training, books and certification training programs.  

            Our programs can be tailored to meet your youth wherever they are, in schools, in community centers, in court mandated programs, and of course your church.  We encourage you to reach out to LadyPamela to speak further about having Talitha Cumi "Flawless Girlz" Urban Etiquette Academy impact your special youth.

           Amazed by the loving grace and power of Her Savior Jesus Christ, LadyPamela  is appreciative of the support and encouragement of her two beautiful daughters Ti’Ara-Ruby and CrystalDiamond, her family, friends, her Pastor and members of her church, Highland Avenue Church.  Their support and sacrifices has equipped her along with many others to impact the next generation of leading ladies.

                This is just the beginning for LadyPam and Talithi Cumi Urban Etiquette & Leadership Academy….

LadyPamela is a “SOCIAL-LIGHT”  Impacting lives and communities with a new style of Etiquette, Elegance & Empowerment.